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Tile adhesive, Waterproofing Chemicals, and Epoxy grout

PC BOND aspires to be one of the world-class market leaders in the manufacture of chemicals like Tile adhesive, Waterproofing Chemicals, and Epoxy grout.

PC Bond: Tile & Stone Fixing Solutions

It is now unavoidable in the field of construction to make use of technologically advanced construction chemicals in order to guarantee the lifespan, durability, and aesthetic appeal of the structures that are built. PC Bond is the fastest-growing construction chemical manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. To meet the huge market demand company has started its production at the capacity of 09 million kilograms in Epoxy, Adhesive, Water Proofing & allied products. Our construction chemical products are developed with the intention of resolving a diverse range of issues that arise during the building process.


PC Bond products are being used in thousands of projects across India, ranging from large-scale projects to commercial spaces, domestic projects, and works of public interest. Our technical help and consultation service are an intrinsic part of our offer and of our daily commitment.

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company

Why Is It Essential To Use High-Quality Chemicals?

Within the realm of contemporary building, the application of cutting-edge construction chemicals by PCBond, a construction chemical supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has developed into a necessity that cannot be avoided in order to guarantee the longevity, durability, and aesthetic appeal of structures. These creative solutions were developed with the intention of resolving a diverse range of issues that arise during the building process, such as boosting the strength of concrete and increasing its capacity to repel water.

Our Products

We Believe In An Eco-Friendly And Green World

During the production of our extensive range of products, we make sure that the natural world is not harmed in any way, and we do our best to be an environmentally responsible organization.

We are quite careful about environmental remediation and the management of solid waste, and in addition, we make judicious use of renewable energy sources, are concerned about the availability of pollution-free water, and have excellent sewage treatment systems. In addition, we have efficient, high-tech equipment for energy conservation.

Why Choose Us?

fixing of ceramic tiles


Simply apply three coats of PC PROOF, an acrylic-based polymer-modified cementitious composite coating system. A strong, protective, and waterproof membrane is formed upon application and curing. It can be brushed on or rolled on. In addition to cement, cement board, wood, brick, stone, and tiles are all suitable surfaces. It is a single-component emulsion comprising inert pigments and has a brushable consistency.

PC COAT 20 is a one-of-a-kind, colorless, silone-siloxane-based water-repellent emulsion. It is highly water-resistant and can quickly break through any type of masonry.

To develop a healthy construction, the cement qualities must be adjusted. The qualities of cement can be adjusted and the material used more effectively with the help of the PC Bond Range of Admixtures.

PC Epoxy Grout is a water-dilutable, two-component epoxy resin coating. It was designed specifically to dry out moist walls.

PC LW PLUS is the best option because it not only stops leaks but also fills in the spaces between tiles.

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