Floor tile adhesive manufacturer in India

It is common knowledge that new flooring can completely transform any room. Hence, tiles are the most popular option for floors. They last a long time, look great, and give your house a charming vibe. Floor Tile adhesive is a specialised glue used to adhere the tiles to the floor or wall. Here we introduces PC Bond, the leading Floor tile adhesive Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Tile adhesive is a cement-based powder that consists of fine sand, normal Portland cement, and an extra polymer that, when combined with water to make a motor/paste, improves the mixture’s overall quality in terms of strength and ease of use. Variations in the polymer composition might also affect the mixture’s other qualities, such as deformability, open time, setting speed, self-curing, etc.

Floor and Wall Tile Adhesive by PC Bond

PC 400 Adhesive Technical Details

Wall Tile Adhesive Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Installing tiles over existing tiles, cement plaster, cement concrete, and other unusual substrates requires the use of tile adhesives. However, every variety of tile adhesives is developed for a certain kind of surface application to provide the optimum output to customers based on usage areas and environment. Wall & Tile adhesives can be used to fix most types of tiles on both internal and external walls and floors.

These wall & floor tiles adhesives are made to mix and cure quickly, and provide an excellent adhesion.

Floor and Wall Tile Adhesive in Ahmedabad, a new industry on the rise

Tiles and natural stones have been set in place with sand, cement, and water for decades. As construction technology has advanced, so, too, have building practises changed. Modern tiles are larger, heavier, and require specific adhesion to withstand vibrations, especially in external wall tile and stone applications, the transition from cement to tile adhesives has accelerated.

The strength of tile adhesives have replaced the time-honoured combination of sand, cement, and water. There are a variety of options for both floor tile and wall tile adhesives on the market today. Floor tiles and wall tiles alike require a strong attachment to the subfloor or wall in order to last. Unlike the frequent problem of de-bonding with sand and cement slurry, tile adhesives in this case retain tiles in place for years.

Currently, tile adhesives are widely used to keep tiles securely fastened to horizontal surfaces lie floors and vertical surfaces like walls, wooden subfloors and surfaces, and so on.

Benefits of Using Tile Adhesives

  • Tile glue can be used by anyone who wants to place tiles.
  • After being combined with water, they can be used immediately, thus saving your time.
  • It’s useful for preventing tile crazing.
  • Tile adhesives have a relatively short setting period, the tiles can be set in a relatively short amount of time.
  • By employing a notched trowel, the adhesive may be distributed evenly throughout the tiles’ backs.
  • Water seepage, tile degradation, staining, and other issues are all eliminated.


Tile adhesives are obviously superior to the standard cement and sand combination. PC Bond, the market leader as wall tile adhesive manufacturer in Ahmedabad, produces high-performance adhesives for both floor and wall tiles. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the best tile adhesive for you.

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