The Best Crack Repair Methods from PC Bond

Even though structural cracks can be unsettling, we at PC Bond believe that they can be successfully fixed with the necessary knowledge and equipment. In this blog post, we’ll explore the causes of cracks, look at the top crack repair techniques, and show you how we restore things.

Crack Problems: Getting the Problem Fixed

Cracks can compromise a building’s structural integrity, endangering the safety and lifespan of its occupants. The optimum repair approach must be chosen after determining the type and size of a crack. We provide remedies tailored to each specific issue, whether dealing with minor or more severe structural fractures.

What Causes Materials to Crack?

Understanding the reasons for a fracture is the first step in effective crack repair. Structural settling, temperature changes, and moisture intrusion may influence crack formation. Our experts employ a diagnostic approach to identify the root cause and ensure that our crack repair methods produce long-lasting advantages.

Resources and the Process of Repair Cracks

We take pride in offering a selection of effective crack repair methods, each catering to a specific circumstance. Here is an example of one of our tried-and-true techniques:

  • Our epoxy injection method injects high-strength epoxy to glue the cracks together effectively. This technique works wonders to restore the structural integrity of concrete and stop further damage. Using a specific cement or grout combination, we promise durable repairs for cement or grout cracks. This method successfully fills and seals fissures while providing a smooth finish.
  • The flexibility and adhesion of repair materials are enhanced using SBR latex, a multifunctional bonding agent. This method offers toughness and resistance to subsequent breaking, making it excellent for mending fractures in various substrates.
  • Cleaning and enlarging the fracture to provide a path for effective sealing. This method is very useful for preventing the growth of cracks and lowering moisture intrusion. Our crack stitching method embeds solid materials across the crack to strengthen and stabilize the damaged area. Employ this technique for cracks that go all the way through the structure.
  • When cracks are mended, evident damage is corrected, and the foundation needs to be strengthened for long-term stability.

An Effective Foundation for the Future

Every project at PC Bond is approached with knowledge and innovation, ensuring our clients receive outstanding answers to their unique needs. You can rely on us to properly repair cracks so that your construction has the durability and strength it deserves.

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