AAC Block Adhesive

PC BLOCK FIX Adhesive is a versatile thin jointing material for laying AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks etc. The Product is specially designed to provide higher bonding as result of higher tensile adhesion strength. PC Block Fix ADHESIVE is pre-mixed, easy to apply high quality mortar comprising of cement, graded sand and admixtures. PC Block Fix Adhesive replaces conventional jointing mortar of 12-18 mm thickness with highly versatile 3-5 mm thickness.

PC BLOCK FIX ADHESIVE helps to speed up the build process and achieve the required insulation performance of AAC Blocks for the buildings, PC Block Fix Adhesive (thin joint masonry) is a fast, clean, accurate system for construction using autoclaved aerated concrete blocks of close dimensional tolerance with 2 mm – 3mm mortar joints.

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