PCBOND’S PC EPOXY GROUT is a state of GROUTING material of highest quality that provides aesthetic effect and durability. It perfectly prevents stains, spillage, chemical attack in filled groove thicknesses of tiles, stones.

PC EXPORT GROUT is thixotropic two part epoxy based formulation having excellent resistance to wear and European choice special sheen affect which makes it a darling choice of consultant fraternity.

Part A consists of a mixture of epoxy resin, siliceous aggregates and additives.

Part B consists of mixture of organic catalysts.

The advantage of two part epoxy grout system of PC EXPORT GROUT is its high user friendliness that is i.e. the filling of this GEL filler in the grout is easier than all the distantly following equivalent products. It has a matt finish with an ingredient that provides crystalline sheen affect with ease of clean ability .

It is suited for residential and commercial installations including those with total hygiene control, damp and wet environments.

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